A Senior Marketing and Business Development Executive who excels at identifying, and capitalizing, on strategic opportunities that drive revenues and growth. Has introduced new products and services, and opened up new markets for Fortune 500 companies as well as start ups. He also has a proven track record of establishing profitable alliances with companies such as Oracle, AT&T, Microsoft and NEC. Chuck is passionate and results-oriented, with a supportive, participative management style that builds effective, cohesive teams.

Founded Precise Insights to provide business development consulting services for technology companies.  He has created and implemented new market strategies that have both saved his clients money and positioned them for future growth.

Currently leading strategic marketing and  alliance activities at Nokia.

Areas of Expertise include :

  1. Leadership and Management  - Built and led multiple marketing, product management and business development teams with little or no attrition.

  2. Strategy - Performed market research and market analysis to uniquely position products and services so as to achieve premium pricing and create revenue growth.

  3. Business Development and Alliances - Implemented and managed strategic alliances and partner marketing programs creating synergistic value added offerings, increasing market awareness and revenue.

  4. Marketing - Implemented marketing, branding, communications, lead generation and sales support programs utilizing traditional advertising, on-line marketing, social networking and public relations to build brand awareness and drive revenue growth.

  5. Product Management - Utilized market research to define new product requirements. Planned, launched and managed many new products and major feature releases.  Developed product road maps and performed life cycle management.

  6. Sales Channel Development - Developed channel management/co-marketing programs and established a global indirect sales channel that expanded company sales reach and increased revenue.

  7. Start-up Experience - Raised venture funding and grew a new business from pre-revenue to become an Inc. 500 company with a successful exit through acquisition.

Areas of Experience:

  1. - Information and Communications Services

  2. - Cloud and IP Networking

  3. - Unified Communications and VoIP

  4. - Video and Videoconferencing

  5. - Wireless

  6. - IoT


I enjoy being outdoors and active - particularly with my two sons.  Running, Golf, Skiing, Hiking and Photography are some of my favorite things to do. 

  1. Photography

Check out some examples of my favorite photographs:

  1. Hiking

Check out some of my favorite hiking destinations:

Though the years I have also enjoyed contributing to my  community supporting education and youth programs including:

  1. -Readintgon Education Foundation – Founding Board Member

  2. -Readington Township Board of Education – Board Member

  3. -Technology Management Education Association – Board Member

  4. -Literacy Volunteers of America – Hunterdon County - President

  5. -Big Brothers/Big Sisters – Big Brother

  6. -Readington Travel Soccer - Coach