Marketing Strategy

Everything you do should be dedicated toward making your company the best at what it does!   Your company only has so much time and money to acquire business and win market share.  The key to success is a clear strategy that provides focus to all your activities. 

I can put together a strategy that will position you in the market based on your differentiating value proposition.

Marketing Programs

Successful execution of a strategy requires the right mix of tactics used in a coordinated manner in such a way that they work together, complement each other and support one another.   

I can put together a marketing plan for you that supports your strategy and reinforces your value proposition.  By utilizing proven tactics and messaging  to support that goal,  your targeted marketing plan will reap increased awareness, higher revenues and high ROI.

Business Development / Channel Development

It is very difficult for businesses to provide all elements of a solution that gives the customer 100% of what their ideal product or service would be.  A business needs to focus on what it does best, then collaborate with partners who are the best at what they do to deliver a whole product or solution. 

I can help you identify and develop alliances that provide complementary solutions and/or channels to your customers.